Wiley Roots Turns Beer Into Ice Cream

GREELEY, Colo.— Wiley Roots Brewing Company announced that the brewery will be serving alcoholic, soft-serve, beer-infused ice cream from their new ice cream machine and will be releasing four new beers available to-go this weekend. Starting on Thursday, August 26, 2020 at 7pm, customers will be able to order Ice Cream Truckz: Queen Whip, the … Read more

Bootstrap Brewing Releases Hard Seltzer and Craft Beer Mixed Pack

LONGMONT, Colo.— Craft beer? Or hard seltzer? With Bootstrap Brewing’s revolutionary new Party Pack, there’s no need to choose — there’s a little something for everyone. Earlier this year, as the effects of COVID-19 began causing uncertainty in the craft beer industry, the Longmont-based brewery quietly released the 12-can party pack featuring five award-winning craft … Read more

Dageraad Brewing Releases Birth of the Cool Saison

BURNABY, BC – Dageraad Brewing has announced the release of a new beer named after a classic Miles Davis record. Birth of the Cool (7.7% abv) is a mixed-culture saison described as follows: Birth of the Cool was brewed using some techniques we’ve been experimenting with lately. We brewed a minimally-hopped wort and let our yeast and bacteria go … Read more

Harpoon Is Brewing Jelly Doughnut Beer in Collaboration with Dunkin’ Donuts

© Dunkin’ Donuts/Official Website The latest collaboration between Harpoon Brewery and Dunkin’ Donuts As the Massachusetts beer scene continues its fast-paced growth, we’re tracking beer-related news bites right here: brewery openings and closures, links to interesting features from other publications, and more. (We’re throwing in some cider, wine, and liquor news for good measure, too, … Read more

Six seasonal beers from Lucky Envelope Brewing

Facebook Twitter Reddit Seattle’s Lucky Envelope Brewing introduces six beers for the season, part of the brewery’s rebounding from the recent COVID-related closures. The beers range in style from a dry-hopped pilsner to a barrel-aged imperial porter, from a two pepper pale ale to a guava sour. Here’s more information straight from the brewery. “Recovering from … Read more

Survey: Beer Wholesalers Expect Monster Hard Seltzer Launch in 2021; 48% Believe A-B Houses Will Distribute Offering

Beer distributors widely anticipate Monster Energy to enter the hard seltzer segment as early as next year, according to a survey conducted by Goldman Sachs Equity Research. Nearly 85% of wholesalers in the “Beverage Bytes” survey, representing feedback from more than 80 distributors and approximately 180,000 retail outlets that sell alcohol, believe that Monster will … Read more