Curio Brewing Company Opens in Franklin

photo from Curio Brewing Company Instagram The anticipated wait is over – Curio Brewing Company, located at 216 Noah Drive in Franklin, has opened its doors for business. From Turtle Anachary, Mantra Ales, and most recently Mill Creek, 216 Noah Drive has seen its sharing of brewing companies. Curio Brewing Company offers day to night … Read more

How Athletic Brewing Is Innovating Beer For The Sober Curious (And Doing Some Good In The Process)

The Athletic range Athletic The rise of the ‘Sober Curious’ movement (where people are looking for more non-alcoholic options in their lives) has been driven by a renewed interest in health and wellness. According to a study (conducted by Nielsen), almost 50% of all U.S. adults are making an effort to limit their alcohol consumption; however that number rises … Read more

And the future of beer is…

With the releases of Red, Rosé, Rosé with Bubbles and White on June 10, Odell Brewing Co.’s latest venture, The OBC Wine Project, is ready for its close-up. After 30 years in the brewing world, Odell is getting into the wine game. Not that Odell is closing up shop and taking its iconic 90 Shilling … Read more