Share A Cold Busch Dog Brew Beer with Your Furry Friend

Spending a nice afternoon with your pooch, and a cold brew is one of the best ways to reflect over a long day or week. Man’s best friend might even be cool enough to fetch you a beer, and now he can share a brew by Busch that is made just for dogs without the alcohol.

Busch Dog Brew is an all natural “beer” that contains fresh ingredients including bone broth, water, vegetables, herbs, and spices that will give your trusted pal a treat that you can enjoy like the friends that you are. Dog Brew is also nutritious, so while sharing the cold beer pastime, you are making your pooch healthier.

Sharing Busch Dog Brew with your doggo also helps other dogs because $1 from the sale of each 4 pack goes towards the Best Friends Animal Society that does outreach to national animal shelters, supports no-kill animal rescues, spay & neuter practices. Treat Fido, and help others with your purchase. Sign up to the waiting list now, and be the first to treat your furry pal for $10 per 4-pack.