Shorts Brewing Buys Arcadia Ales Beer Portfolio

Shorts Brewing Company is adding to their portfolio.

But not with a beer of their own but instead reviving an old rival brand.

“Arcadia began in 1996, which really was one of the OGs,” says Scott Newman-Bale, CEO of Shorts Brewing, “It’s very old for craft beer.”

The canning line at Shorts is about to get busier after the Antrim County based brewer bought the beer portfolio of Arcadia Ales, out of Battle Creek, who closed for good in September.Shorts Buys Arcadia Pic

“We talked to key accounts and distributors about Arcadia and universally there was very positive feedback,” says Newman-Bale, “Specifically with Whitsun. There’s just a brand there with a lot of loyalty.”

Whitsun was Arcadia’s best selling beer and it’s going to be the first one that Shorts is going to brew under the Superfluid label. Newman-Bale says everything came together really quickly but already it’s paying off they have nearly hit their 2020 goals in pre-sales already.

“We started to take it a little more seriously and try to figure out what that brand is going to be and what it’s going to represent,” says Newman-Bale.

The beers will be brewed and packaged in Elk Rapids. Beginning with Whitsun but more Arcadia staples will follow.

The new Whitsun will hit the stores by the 4th of July and despite some inconsistencies in Arcadia’s recipes, should taste just like people remember.

“We did a few test batches to try to get what people remember the best of Whitsun,” says Newman-Bale.

With fears of a craft beer bubble bursting soon, this may be a more common sight. Either reviving a classic brand from the dead or keep some alive through collaboration.

“This isn’t just for failed brands,” says Newman-Bale, “This is for also to help people see a new path forward.”